Mike Russell & Levandek Funky Team

Mike Russell & Levandek Funky Team

The report is based on excerpts from the concert of „Mike Russel & Levandek Funky Team“ which was registered in the Wroclaw Music Club „Liverpool“ on March 2, 2016.

Bandleader and drummer Zbigniew „Levandek“ Lewandowski talks about the genesis of this artistic group and the course of its activity. The whole is complemented by Tomasz Grabowy and Robert Jarmużek who, in an emotional and personal style, evaluate what is happening on stage during their concerts. The program also uses photos from the collections of: festival „Blues nad Bobrem“ (Bolesławiec) Of the „Liverpool“ Music Club Zdzisław Babiarski (press materials of the band „Bibobit“} Wojciech Karolak („Jazzarium“) Zbigniew Jakubek (photo by Jarosław Grabarek) and archival posters of the band’s concerts Realization: Piotr Tomicki, stereo sound (PA System), club lighting Report